Disempowering Thoughts

 You Are What You Believe

 “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” ~ Richard Bach, author

Saturday morning at a coaches debriefing session from a weeklong workshop, I was surprised to hear one of the group say, “I’m not ready yet. It has to be perfect.”  From the "outside," this is someone that I see as extremely competent to do what they say they could not do yet.

Perfect does not happen overnight. Perfect comes from trial and error, from experience. An “expert,” (if there is such a thing,) comes from the learnings discovered while making all the mistakes that can be made in your own area of "expertise."  It takes the time that it takes…suffering through it is optional. One of my mentors, Michael Grinder, likes to say, “It’s not about perfection. It is how well you can recover.”

So, if you think you can’t do something, you can’t. If you think you can, you can.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,
To Success! To Life!

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