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I wanted to share this unsolicited testimonial we got the other day… sure, it’s great to read and share, but what I really wanted to use it for today was to comment on what works on the Internet now and why they are getting above and beyond the response they expected.

“I asked Impression Engineers to create a new website for my company SecurePro Technologies. We are an electronic security integrator and needed to upgrade our existing site to a more professional one. I met with the team from Impression Engineers, explained what we needed, and some detail about how it would be used. They went to work on it and came up with a site that works extremely well for us, our employees and our customers.

What we got was better than I imagined. First, the entire project was done on-time and on-budget. Secondly, we were trained properly on managing the online forms, etc. But lastly, the number of hits and unique visits to our website is up nearly 400% in just the last six-months since the site went live. We are consistently positioned on the first or second page of Google and other search engines, and under multiple search topics are Google’s #1 listing! All I can say is WOW. Great Job Impression Engineers! I would recommend them to anyone!”

Eric Stinson
SecurePro Technologies, LLC

I’ll I can say too is Wow-Thanks Eric. Glad we can be part of your success team.

A Web Success

First, Eric knows his target market, so we had a big head start in creating the site. Eric’s site is an informational site directed to a specific target market. His success brings up an important change occurring over the last year or so in Internet marketing.

Target marketing is the key. Casting a big net with landing pages doesn’t work like it once did. People want something of value before they give up their personal contact information. The sites that do the best and get the most repeat business have two things in common:

  1. Tons of free content, making them a valuable resource and ally for their target market to visit often.
  2. Loads of transparency: the sharing of business’ practices, processes and results with clients.

By choice, Eric’s site doesn’t seek personal contact information, but he does offer his clients tons of free content, such as the latest product news and ways to use his security products, including PowerPoint and video lessons.

If you seek contact information from your site visitors, consider an immediate free downloadable item. By offering an instant gratification of a free download of a checklist, white paper, free report etc., studies show that the visitor is more likely to give us their contact info. For most businesses, the contact info (or mail list) is the most valuable part of the web strategy and design. Sure we can get them to buy a product with persuasive sales copy, but what most of us really want is to create a relationship so they contact us over and over again.

Next week, I’ll write a little on the changing use of sales copy on the web.
Until then

To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust.
~George Ross (Trump’s Sidekick on The Apprentice)

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,

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