A Vision in My Pocket

With all the day-to-day stuff that bombards us and the unrelentless media blitz on the “crisis” it is easy to lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing…. Some days I just wonder who opened the clown-cage?

Seems everybody just wants to quash my passion—

Gosh, it is all tooooooo easy to lose motivation. When that happens, I notice I prefer to clean house… I know that sounds silly, but sometimes having my conscious mind focus on something else, like cleaning, allows my unconscious mind to solve problems, re-energize and re-set my "GO" button. Yesterday, during my last cleaning phase I found my Personal Vision Statement.  I had written it several years ago, tucked it away for safekeeping, never to see the light of day until now…

A Personal Vision Statement is about identifying, in writing, your long range personal and business goals. Future-pace out 5 to 10 years or more then review with others that will be affected by these goals (family, business partners, etc.) Statements like these are important, especially if you are part of a small business. Share them with other decision makers in your business. If everyone is going in the same direction it helps create a cohesive workplace. If your team is chasing the same rabbit, the likelihood of catching the rabbit is much greater…then each team member chasing a different rabbit…

So, what do you stand for, what is your vision of success?

How would you know you are successful – what would you see? Hear? Feel?

I decided to keep my Personal Vision Statement in a “not so safe spot.” I took several 2.5 x 3 index cards (half of a 3 x 5 card) and wrote one statement, goal, a step to achieve the goal, or an action I need to do on a card to remind myself of my long-term vision. (I tried post-it-notes, I prefer the sturdiness of the index card.)

I call them Personal Pocket Visions. I placed the cards where I will see them throughout the day. My refrigerator, mirror, purse, and monitor… each time I see a card, I think of not only what is written on the card, but my entire Vision. Take action, today, with your unique Personal Pocket Visions.

Have a great day whatever your adventure

To success! To Life!




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