To many “me-toos”

Good ad copy can be worth its weight in gold. But, good copywriting can’t take a “me-too” product and make it better than every other “me-too” product. Yet, for a long time now that is exactly what Internet sales copy has tired to do.

Many sites have copy that presents an aggressive and challenging tone — in other words – HYPE.  Today, most Internet buyers are tired of the “but wait there’s more” approach to Internet sales copy.

Don’t get me wrong, hype can work, but it does nothing to create a long-term sales relationship.  Remember the long proven business standard that it is far cheaper to keep a repeat customer happy than find new customers.  Even in the Internet world, most businesses make the real money on repeat customer sales.

So you get to decide what is important when writing your sales copy—a quick one-time sale or a long-term relationship. If it is a long-term relationship, your copy not only needs to motivate them to take serious and fast action (persuasive call to action), it needs to develop a rapport and trust to let them know that you know what you are doing.

Persuasive copy is not hype. Persuasive copy focuses on the reader. It makes a “contract” at the beginning of the copy that tells the reader "what’s in it for them." Never allow your readers to question why you are relevant to their lives.  Avoid the B.S. factor by giving specific details about what they can expect. After the "what’s in it for them" opening statement, the body copy should consist of these elements:

  • Your promise
  • Specific and social proof
  • Your call to action
  • Guarantee and reconvincing close

Make your site copy work for you — stand out of the crowd as the true expert that you are.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,

To success! To Life!

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