The top 10 email faux-paus that drive me crazy”


  1. And your point would be…? Be concise. Get to the point. Answer all the questions the first time. Don’t make me ask again.
  2. You halve a spell chequer. It comes with your Pea Sea. Plz don’t abbrvt. FYI—U 2 can take the time to write the entire word. THX. Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  3. Psst! Did you know… Do not use email to discuss confidential information. You would be amazed at the number of servers your emails are archived on forever.
  4. This one is just arrogant and annoying, if it’s that important call me or send it certified mail. Do not request delivery and read receipts.
  5. Don’t use that tone with me, missy… Try for respectful, friendly and approachable, the right tone via email is a tough one.
  6. ;-) — :-) — :-( No emoticons in business emails. Emoticons are fine in the right context. Use your judgment.
  7. Where, oh where, has my email gone…Oh where, oh were could it be? Answer quickly. Try for no more than 48 hours.
  8. WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME?! Do not write in CAPITALS, unless you are shouting.
  9. This one is so annoying I will not even attempt to demonstrate the run-on sentence and the long paragraphs in email that make it so hard to read that the reader gets lost and determines that nothing is harder to read on a computer screen then run-on sentences in a paragraph that seems like it will go on forever.
  10. Most important. Read the email before you send it. Does it really say what you want it to say? If you are not sure, have someone else read it or take a break and reread it later before you hit send.

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