Random Rants

Have you noticed how much "text-talk" is becoming part of our unconscious response… does it bug you as much as it bugs me?

Then again, I can’t wag my finger…

I received an email that ended in "LMK if you want to discuss further."

I had to go to my son and ask, "What is LMK?"

Response: "LMK = Let me know"

Fair enough-makes sense.

From my iPhone I replied "TY. I wish people would spend two seconds and just write it out."

His response back, "So was your "TY" meant to be ironic?"

I could only respond with "LOL touche…"

Life Lesson 12,308, 923 (but whose counting)…You better be careful what you rant about.

Enjoy the adventure
To Success! To Life!


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