Teleclasses for Fun and Profit

If you’re an entrepreneur, service professional or small business owner, I encourage you to find out why our CREATE A MAGNETIC TELECLASS training is absolutely your fastest, easiest and most economical way to…

  •     Create content-rich info products at the speed of sound
  •     Automatically build highly-responsive online lists   
  •     Inspire and influence your participants
  •     Repeatedly develop world-class teleseminars that sell
  •     Captivate any teleseminar audience   

Presented by

Sharon Sayler, Speaker Coach
Cara Lumen, Teleclass Leader
Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches

Ever wondered how you can help more people, make more money and do it all from home? 

A great teleclass is a very powerful and versatile marketing tool. An ad only captures them for a second, and web page maybe a minute or two, but a teleclass will let them see how great you are for an entire hour or more!!  Talk about building MARKETING INTIMACY.

Whether it’s a free teleclass for people to get to know you or one for a fee, this is one technique you should have in your marketing toolbox. And we’re going to make it easy for you.

Your Magnetic Teleclass can:

  • Provide you with an "always have something to invite people to" event
  • Have an effective marketing tool
  • Bring you income as a live event
  • Turned into a home study program for passive income.

If you’ve been putting off creating a teleclass because you don’t know where to start, now is your chance to:

  • Write Compelling Content under the constant review of Cara Lumen and Sharon Sayler, both long-time copywriters and published authors.
  • Practice and refine the delivery! Don’t "present" who you are – Learn to "Be" who you are.
  • Develop the marketing material that will attract the people you are meant to serve
  • And the big finish- Complete a compelling one-hour teleclass

Talk Your Walk – Speak to be Remembered

Speaker Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Book Yourself Solid Coach Sharon Sayler will show you how to use your voice to be inspiring and memorable and teach you:

  • How to self-correct in the middle of delivery so you are always heard
  • How to vary your breath and voice to create desired effects and emotions
  • How to strengthen your delivery or soften it when necessary
  • How to add language softeners that keep your listeners riveted

Create Compelling Content with Cara

Certified Teleclass Leader, international author and Book Yourself Solid Coach Cara Lumen will guide you through the steps of creating powerful content as you work with her Magnetic Marketing Method Teleclass Template. She’ll show you

  • How to write to the three major learning styles so you reach every listener
  • Where to put your call to action for the most effective results
  • How to balance your class between lecture and participation so you deliver great value

It’s a method that once learned, you can repeat again and again.

This dynamic duo helps you:

  • Create a magnetic teleclass that will bring you rave responses and powerful results
  • Deliver your teleclass with warmth, authenticity and ease
  • Attract the people you are meant to serve

IF YOU ARE REALLY READY TO LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP AND DELIVER A MAGNETIC TELECLASS THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU. This is not just hype and talk, this class will get you ready to roll…

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Join Us Three Tuesdays – Jan 20, Jan 27 and Feb 3  11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern. Get a jump start on this great way to build value for your clients.




  1. "Twelve Steps to Teleseminar Rapport Success" by Sharon Sayler
  2.  "Make Your Point, Creating Dynamic Outlines for Talks, Teleclasses, Articles and Ebooks" by Cara Lumen


1. Your first 15-minute personal coaching call with Coach Cara she will work with you to strengthen your 45-60 second teleseminar script.

2. Then on your second 15-minute personal call Coach Sharon will guide you in delivering it and record it for you. We will send you the recording to have your own unique MP3 audio recording to promote your class!!!!

How to Develop and Deliver a Magnetic Teleclass

Three Tuesdays  Jan 20, Jan 27 and Feb 3
11 AM Pacific/ 2 PM Eastern

Regular Price; $147

Save $48 Holiday Special good through December 24

Join us on this learning filled journey to teleclass success for just $99

Impression Engineers’ own Sharon Sayler, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach and Communication Success Strategist, works as counsel and coach to authors, speakers and executives to be more than just a competent communicator and presenter. These executives know that great leadership starts with effective communication -communication that not only educates an audience but influences them. Her passion is working with folks just like you, to implement easy and practical steps to build success and relationships through conscious communication. Easy and practical change – the kind that lasts over time…

Cara Lumen, The Vision Distiller, helps entrepreneurs move from vision to venue and attract the people they are meant to serve. She is a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, the creator of The Magnetic Marketing Method and founder of The Success Magnets. Working with your deepest passion, your greatest skills, and your conscious choice, she helps powerful, self-actualized, passionate, effective women with a burning desire to stand tall in their service of others uncover the clarity of purpose that will get them booked solid.


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