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Did you happen to catch the 20/20 feature called “Super Humans” last week? It was eye-opening. They profiled several people with amazing skills such as being able to survive very low temperatures or run 50 marathons in 50 days or a young man with a gift for numbers and languages. He was able to learn the complex Icelandic language in less than a week! Each one said what they did wasn’t all that special, although they admitted their talents were unique. Most of them stated that they thought others could do what they did if someone would just decide to do it. It was clear it took time, dedication and motivation, but they agreed it all began in their mind.

It got me to thinking about all the prep and backend work it takes to do anything right (including a book-launch) that the rest of the world never sees. And all the thoughts, ideas, plans, goals, help, implementation, actions… it takes no matter what BOLD endeavor we are doing.

What Gifts Do YOU Have?

Maybe you can’t survive a polar swim wearing only shorts or quickly learn complex languages, yet your gifts matter. Maybe you just stood at the edge of an animated discussion with ideas running through your mind like crazy, yet you never spoke up? Maybe you told yourself you didn’t have the nerve. Or you didn’t think what you had to say mattered. Or you were too shy. Or they were too smart. Or… whatever excuses you gave yourself for not contributing in the moment. Then stop that! What you have to say is important. You wouldn’t have the ideas/thoughts if it didn’t have value.

We each come into this world with specific gifts and talents. Because they have been with us since birth,  often we place little to no value on them – we think “everybody can do this,” or “everyone must think like that”. Not true! We each have specific skills and talents that benefit the group. If we allow our limiting beliefs to go unchallenged they soon take over and limit our potential. We are each an integral part and your part is just as important and vital as the next guys.

As a business coach and author, I often hear about the risk (fear) of sharing views and beliefs; “maybe I’ll lose business,” “maybe someone won’t like me….” Get over it, there will always be someone that isn’t your client for some reason, yet there are many others you are meant to serve. There is only one you – one wonderful mix of origin, upbringing, thought processes, friends, experiences, beliefs, understanding, and outlook. No one will see or do things exactly the way you do. That’s why it’s so important that you get up, speak up and do it.

Now go have a great day whatever your adventure

To Success! To Life!


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