People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Best Impressions Cards from Send Out Cards is a quick, automated and easy way to build lasting relationships and stay TOP OF MIND with customers, clients, leads, vendors, referral partners… friends and family too!


Question: How do I know whether to invest in the Wholesale or Retail Membership?

Answer: That depends on how many cards you think you will send. To follow-up on leads, get clients and form stronger relationships with existing customers, referral partners, most service professionals and small business owners send out lots of cards. If you plan to send holiday cards, send cards after a workshop or event, or set up a card campaign, then you want the Wholesale Membership. If you just want to test drive the system and send a few cards, then the Retail Membership is right for you.

Question? Question: How can I become an affiliate and create passive revenue with this system?

Answer: If you are interested in generating revenue and affiliate commissions, then you need to sign up for the Entrepreneur/Distributor Membership. For the service professional and small business owner, the Entrepreneur Membership is a logical choice. It not only allows you the benefits of the Wholesale Membership (35% savings on price of cards), but an opportunity to create passive revenue.

Question? Question: If I sign up for the Retail Membership, can I upgrade to the Wholesale or Entrepreneur Membership?

Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. From the Main Menu, click on the "upgrade my account" link within your account. Have questions? Please send your request to

Question? Question: Can I use this system if I live outside the US?

Answer: Absolutely! You can be a member and use this system if you live in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Mexico or Australia. In order to set up your account, please call 801.463.3800 to set up an international account. When you call, mention that Sharon Sayler from Impression Engineers sent you.

Question? Question: How much postage will I have to pay when I send a card?

Answer: That depends on where you are sending your card. If you send a card to someone in the US, local US postal rates apply. If you send a card to Canada or the UK, for example, you will pay international postage rates. There is no upcharge on postage, standard rates apply.

Question? Question: What do I need to know to send cards, set up card campaigns, import contacts and use the system?

Answer: There are several ways to use the system. Once you sign-up we coach you through your first time sending a card. Once you see how easy it is the weekly trainging opportunities of webinars and training teleseminars will show you the more advanced ways to use SendOutCards. You will receive emails about these live webinars from once you become a member.

Question? Question: Once I decide to become a member and register using the secure form, what happens next?

Answer: Within 24 hours of signing up for your membership, you will receive an email from me, confirming your order. Additionally, you will receive your username and password, along with instructions on how to get started with Send Out Cards.

Question? Question: How do I use the system to get clients and and follow-up with current ones?

Answer: This system is amazing in that it gives you a system and automated way to keep in touch. Use the system to send individual cards to say "Thank You," "I Appreciate Your Business," "Happy Birthday," Happy Holidays," and so forth. This powerful system not only allows you to send a card the INSTANT you think of reaching out to a referral partner or client, it allows you to set up a multi-card campaign (similar to an email autoresponder). You can use the card campaign to send a series of cards to referral partners, colleagues or potential clients.

For more ideas and resources on how to use this system tomake your Best Impressions, please contact Sharon at

Question? Question: How can I personalize the cards and use my own handwriting?

Answer: If you become a Wholesale or Entrepreneur Member, you receive a special handwriting font plus four signatures at no additional cost. If you become a Retail Member, then you can purchase the handwriting font for an additional cost.
Question? Question: Can I create my own Custom Cards to market my business?

Answer: Absolutely! One of the amazing benefits of this system is that you can create a unique card – with your own pictures, logo, or graphics – for a fraction of the cost it would take you if you created this card with a printer.
Create a card using your artwork or photos – $10 (one time fee)
Modify an existing card within the Card Catalog – $25 (one time fee)
Hire the design team to create a card for you – $50 (one time fee)

For more details, click here

Question? Question: How do I start using my handwriting and my signature to sign my cards?

Answer: To set up your handwriting, print the special handwriting form in color (so the red boxes show in color), fill out the form and mail it to Send Out Cards with the address listed on the form. Follow the instructions on the form and make sure to use a black ballpoint pen in filling out the form.

To print the form, click on this link

Question? Question: I didn’t see the answer to my question?

Answer: Contact me right away at we are happy to answer your questions and get you started on this amazing, yet simple marketing and sales boosting strategy.