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I know I’ve said "Ask for it" with other topics too, but this always amazes me—a great client with no testimonials. The client has a well-known small business in our local area. They have a good reputation and long history in the community. So why doesn’t he have testimonials? He does not ask. “It might appear arrogant or pushy…” My question to him was, “Did you think I was arrogant when I asked for a testimonial and you give me one?” He had to admit “No.”

Many entrepreneurs have “issues” about asking for testimonials. They feel their work should speak for itself, which it does. It’s not that our clients don’t appreciate us; in fact, many think of it, but few act on writing us a “job well-done.” For a small business, testimonials are an inexpensive marketing goldmine that can be used in sales material and as a way to get clients to think about referrals.

Make getting testimonials your number one marketing priority

To get a testimonial, I find email works well, but it is an accepted form of communication in my industry. So you choose whether it is a written request or email. A request for a verbal testimonial works only when audio or video are able to record it—audio or video is the best testimonial format but requires set-up, meeting time and formatting.

Good vs Great Testimonials

So what’s the difference between a good testimonial and a great testimonial? A great testimonial should contain:

+ Project or action taken
+ Biggest numeric result (either percentage or dollar)
    Result = Great Testimonial.

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