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I’m on the road in Philly at Michael Port‘s "Book Yourself Solid Coaching Certification"  upping our trainings just a notch, once again, so we can continue to offer the best to our clients.

So, what do you get when you put 25 coaches, from 25 backgrounds in a room…? Twenty-five answers to the same question!  I’m thrilled at the level of knowledge I’m surrounded with at this training…

Even with this amazing group, communicating so all can understand can be a problem. We all come from different coaching backgrounds, so many of us don’t speak the "same language." This is very true for our two European coaches, who are participating in their non-native language.

The best way, I’ve found to create a common language is by going visual with your subject matter. I prefer flipcharts to PowerPoint, as they add a personal touch and the drawings can be hung up around the room for long term memory.  Some of you may have just frozen for a second at the idea of drawing… Trust me, it doesn’t have to be pretty, stick figures work just fine.

If adding visual elements to your explanations doesn’t work, another way to create a common language is with metaphors or stories. Visual words work better than words lacking in imagery, as long as the listeners can logically relate or follow the words used; e.g. "I’m at the height of my career." "Stand up for what you believe."

There are many ways to get your point across and sometimes technical language with visuals is great while other times metaphors work well. The key factor to consider is the listener (or reader.) Two surefire ways to make sure you communicate to be understood: create an image or use visual word images.

 Have a great day whatever your adventure.

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