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Most of us use testimonials on our websites and recently the FTC changed the rules. I  wanted to share today was the power of the testimonial and recommendations from trusted sources, such as customers and clients (and the occasional boast by your Mom.) Study after study shows that word of mouth, referral and testimonial carries the most weight with consumers. They bring credibility through a third-party endorsement. It is no longer you alone saying that you and your products / services are amazing. It is actually consumers saying that you are the answer to their problems.

So, it's understandable why most of us choose to use them in our marketing. Yet, too many unsavory types have spoiled the testimonial so the "BIG BOYS" aka the FTC has some new guidelines that took effect in December (2909) and they are confusing at best.

Now, I'm not a lawyer and I don't even play one online. If you use testimonials or endorsements in any way in your business… then these new FTC rules may apply to you. We have a great white paper report on using testimonials that I just updated with how I understand the guidelines to work (remember, this isn't legal advice nor is the report legal advice.) Go get the report now: it's at

Almost forgot… can you believe it is the first of February already, where did January go? (I know, I was holed away writing a book.) But that just means I have to speed up to catch up with the rest of my 2010 goals. How are your 2010 goals going? I recently gave a talk on getting your goals done called "A Human Being or a Human Doing." The notes are up on the website too, when you pop-over there to get the report of Getting and Using Testimonials to Get and Keep Clients you can download the notes too if you are interested….As always have a great day whatever your adventure.

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p.s. The FTC has new guidelines if you sell your products through affiliates or you sell other people's products as an affiliate, too. Our latest report doesn't address affiliates, if you need help complying for your affiliates or affiliate products please contact us. OR read all the new FTC guidelines for both testimonials and affiliates at the FTC website:

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