R U Late 4 Life?

Late for life?
Seems as if everything is going faster and faster today. Many don’t even have the time to write a complete sentence anymore… What’s your relationship with time?

Sometimes, we get going so fast towards what we want, that we forget about the most important parts of our life, our loved ones. It is easy to fall into saying, “just as soon as…” and know that our loved ones will understand. A passionate life doesn’t work that way. It is the combination—the balance—of our work and our person.

Work-life balance is not an oxymoron. Demands on your time change as your family, purposes and work life change. Balance doesn’t mean doing everything. It means the continually rearrangement of priorities and appropriate boundaries. Be firm with what you want and can and cannot do. Only you can create harmony and happiness in your life.

Research has found that most happy people have strong ties to family and friends and that happy people live about nine years longer than unhappy people. Make time for friendships.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure
To Success! To Life!

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