Podcast: Add MORE POWER to your Promotion! with Davender Gupta and Sharon Sayler

Add MORE POWER to your Promotion! Join Coach Davender Gupta and Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach Sharon Sayler to share practical tips and techniques that participants in the Book Yourself Solid Live Intensive are learning in Los Angeles, as we speak!


Sharon’s mission is to Inspire, Influence and Get Real Results during these turbulent times.

As co-owner of Impression Engineers, Sharon Sayler, MBA, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach and Marketing Success Strategist, works as counsel and coach to authors, speakers and executives who want more than to be "just a competent presenter."

As a certified group dynamics and behavioral coach, Sharon Sayler understands communication strategy and persuasion, including systems analysis, building credibility and rapport, content construction, non-verbal message delivery, and motivators of change. Sharon doesn’t waste time on empty platitudes. Her interactive coaching and workshops use systems, tools and examples based on her career in business consulting and her long mentorship with Michael Grinder, one of the foremost authorities on non-verbal communication.

Author of "Life’s Short Live Passionately" and "Beyond Marketing Building Relationships" she writes bi-weekly e-zines called "Best Impressions" and "Beyond Lip Service," that are full of business and communication solutions and skills on persuasive presenting, marketing and copy. They can be found at www.impressionengineers.com/blog.

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