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Over the Edge

I hate to admit it, but I really “went over the edge” with someone the other day… you see, they are chronically late. This time, I allowed their tardiness to take me from the present moment into frustration. It was just one time too many, the proverbially straw that broke the camel’s back. My concentration wandered for the next two hours between looking at the clock and work.

Oh, I had plenty to fill my time, that wasn’t the point. It was my righteous indignation of the two hours I waited for their presence. Those moments ticked by as I took each tick on the clock as a personal affront. I wandered between frustration and they didn’t respect me to feeling unimportant. Upon their arrival, I let it be known… not a pretty picture to say the least.

Yes, I allowed the incident to happen. I know I cannot change anyone else but myself. I admit that I know this person is almost always late—so why was I surprised this time…? I could have called and canceled, postponed or made other arrangements. Instead I stayed in frustration and hurt and allowed myself to fly straight into anger.

Anger is a secondary emotion. To get angry, typically, you have to feel hurt, frustrated or frightened. Once you determine the base cause, you have a choice to change how you think and feel about the situation. This time, I had allowed myself to make a choice based on patterns built and used over time.

My response was not congruent with who I want to be. Next time I will, step back into the present moment and look at the situation. With curiosity, (and in third person) look back at myself, over there, and examine the hurt and frustration and be open to the choices I could make in that situation.

If you find your self in a similar situation, explore your thoughts and feelings. Thank yourself for paying attention. Step back before going over the edge and set an intention to resolve the situation. (If the events that lead to anger revolve around any type of danger, emotional or physical, apply liberal doses of appreciation for the chance to open your eyes to something new.) Really experience how you feel about what’s happening around you, without judgment. Awareness is the key to all change.

That evening I came upon this quote — ironic how you see things from a different perspective if you open to the opportunity.

"Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever." ~Horace Mann~

Have a great day in whatever your adventure.
To Success! To Life!

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