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I attended a big local event the other day. It wasn’t billed as a networking event, yet by using the Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy, I had stellar success meeting new people and opening up new opportunities. 

BYS Networking is not about getting business. It’s about sharing your intangibles; e.g. your network, your knowledge, your compassion. The most successful way to share your intangibles is by encouraging others. The easy steps to encourage others is:

1. Show genuine interest.  “Genuine” is the key word here. If you are faking, your non-verbals will give you away…  Just met them and you aren’t sure how to express genuine interest? Ask thoughtful questions.

2. Acknowledge what they say. Listen to their answers. Acknowledge what’s important to them. This is not a time to argue or do the typically, “I know what you mean…now listen to my story….”

Acknowledge or paraphrase what they said. If necessary, perhaps offer a reframe. E.g.; If you hear “ Fifty pounds is alot, I let myself get so heavy…I still have to lose 30 pounds,” offer a reframe “Losing 20 is such an accomplishment, sounds like you are on a roll. Way-to-go!” A well-placed, congrats or way-to-go can be just the ticket to boost confidence.

Once you acknowledge, share your intangibles.
Sharing your intangibles is not about being a “know-it-all.” Don’t charge in with “What you need is…. Here again, genuine is the key.

Your network: Offer to lend a hand. Gently, yet proactively refer someone from your network. This doesn’t have to be business related, perhaps they mentioned golf and you have a great golf shop contact… 

Your knowledge: Give of your accumulated knowledge. Here is where the “know-it-all” can emerge. Use language that moves the knowledge away from you as the expert, such as “I was reading the other day…” or “I heard ‘X’ on the radio and maybe that might work in your situation.”

Your compassion: Respond with something unexpected.  It can be genuine compassion or empathy in the moment, or if more appropriate as a follow-up. It’s unfortunate, yet compassion may startle people these days…  One easy way to show your compassion is this cool, new keep-in-touch tool we use—Best Impression Cards from

We think it is so cool, we have set-up a webpage where you can send out a free card—just to see for yourself… Send someone, even yourself, a card and learn more about all the ways you can use Best Impression Cards from 

Imagine the impact. Out of the blue, a couple of days after this event I attended, someone you just met gets a personalized “Nice to Meet You” card. This is a real card, not an e-card. I just sent one so personalized that I mentioned the event and where we met “…it is so funny, you never know who you will meet in the ladies room…” I closed with wishing her all the best with the impeding birth of her new son. By being genuine, showing up in the world with who we are and what we stand for, is how we can have maximum impact.

Imagine with the holidays coming up being able to send real cards to all your clients, friends and family for 63 cents each + postage. (With the holidays being so “PC” now-a-days,) consider sending a Thanksgiving card to all your clients thanking them—you can even upload your logo or photos and make personalized cards. Too cool!

Go right now to SEND MY F*R*E*E Card to send a card and see what I mean…

After you send out your free card, email me, and let me show you all the neat features, including gifts… One of my favorite gifts is sending a gift card to a well-known coffee shop. Just yesterday, one client and I came up with several different personalized cards specific to his target market. This is sooo cool. 

Just the other day, I had exceptional service and I immediately sent not only the fellow that gave me the service a card, but his boss too. I think I have a friend for life.

Enjoy the Adventure!

To Success! To Life!


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