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What Others Are Saying…

“I’ve been following Impression Engineers work and I’m impressed at how they combine great design with hard-hitting copy. It’s like they create it out of thin air!”

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

“I came to Impression Engineers’ to re-energize my marketing. They developed a electronic portfolio for my prospective clients. They not only wrote great copy that expressed in words what my art shows, they created a brilliant representation of my work, and designed a web site that has clearly brought many new clients to me. A 50% increase in business due to the reception of my web site has far exceeded my expectations. Their people have a great aesthetic eye and a sharp intellect and instinct for business. Thank you, Impression Engineers”

Peter S. Bricca
San Francisco, CA

I asked Impression Engineers to create a new website for my company SecurePro Technologies. We are an electronic security integrator and needed to upgrade our existing site to a more professional one. I met with the team from Impression Engineers, explained what we needed, and some detail about how it would be used. They went to work on it and came up with a site that works extremely well for us, our employees and our customers.

What we got was better than I imagined. First, the entire project was done on-time and on-budget. Secondly, we were trained properly on managing the online forms, etc. But lastly, the number of hits and unique visits to our website is up nearly 400% in just the last six-months since the site went live. We are consistently positioned on the first or second page of Google and other search engines, and under multiple search topics are Google’s #1 listing! All I can say is WOW. Great Job Impression Engineers! I would recommend them to anyone!

Eric Stinson
SecurePro Technologies, LLC

June 21, 2007
Update from Rich
Sharon –
Thank you for your powerful insights and your amazing ability to zero in and focus on the core aspects of what needs to be done.
Because of your expert help and guidance, my business is skyrocketing and our only challenge is in keeping up! We now have the confidence we need to go international!
Thank you for your continued help and support – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Rich Aydelott – Founder of the Amazing Life Institute
Have an Amazing Day!
Rich Aydelott C.H.t C.T.NLP C.T.TPM
Master Results, Motivation & Life Coach
Amazing Life Institute

March 26, 2007
Hi Sharon,
Thanks again for today – I’m really starting to believe we can make this work really well!
Take Care.

The time I spent with Sharon Sayler gave me untold ideas than I have spending hours with other people with hours  time is like spending 3 hours with anyone else.  Her uncanny ability to find exactly what needs “fixing” on your web site to create a better impression is unbelievable.  You come away from a session with her feeling like your business, and your web site is transformed.  Thank you Sharon you are amazing…

Susan Marie www.womenlivingbeautifully.com

From Charlon Bobo’s UnNewsletter
Do First Impressions Really Matter? 
I take great pride in making a memorable, positive first impression. And after the first impression, my passion and commitment for over-delivery borders on compulsive.

Throughout the course of business, I seek the services of other professionals because I need to outsource as many tasks as possible. And I love to support entrepreneurs with my money.

However, I’m very particular. My standards are extraordinarily high of both myself and those who support me. When I require the services of a new team member, I do extensive research, conduct interviews and hire only the best of the best.

I met a fellow copywriter at a recent workshop. She and I enjoyed several conversations throughout the event and I made a mental note to keep in touch. Although I usually make changes to my Web site, this week I DESPERATELY needed the services of a pro. I called her and left a voicemail asking if there was any way what I needed could get done by day’s end. This is what happened: 

3 PM – Left a message
4 PM – Received a call from a senior staff member who listened attentively to my request and reassured me, "No problem. We do this all the time." With a few less-than-1-minute phone calls back-and-forth, he had everything he needed to do the job.
6 PM – Received telephone and email confirmations. Project completed.

Yeah. Leaves you contemplative, huh? It did me. Why doesn’t every business operate this way? It isn’t hard. It isn’t complicated. Yet, so few businesses stand out by offering excellent service. 

Recently, a friend recently told me about an experience he had at a retail store. He said, "Charlon, I wanted desperately to give them my money, but they made it too hard. The staff was anything but professional and I couldn’t support them with my dollars." Consumers have money… it may as well be in your pocket. But they have to trust you first and that means you must make an impactful positive first impression. 

The initial contact with your company is usually an interaction introducing your products/services or delivering your products/services. Either way, it’s your responsibility to orchestrate a first impression that gives prospects confidence in your ability to make their lives easier. Solve their problems and YOU become their one and only resource. Nice positioning! 

Impressions 101

  1. Be friendly
  2. Be sincere
  3. Be authentic
  4. Take the time to really listen
  5. Be in service mode, not selling mode
  6. Offer solutions and suggestions
  7. Offer additional resources from your inner circle of contacts/suppliers

Once you’ve created a trust, how do you KEEP clients? 

  1. Deliver on time, or earlier than stated. This is embarrassing to even address, but you’d be surprised at how often it is underrated and overlooked.  
  2. If things change based on the original agreement, call immediately to discuss. Put yourself in the shoes of your client. Most times you don’t mind a delay if it’s brought to your attention in a timely fashion. What you do mind is several calls or emails to follow-up once the deadline has come and gone and you haven’t heard a peep. So frustrating. Do everything in your power to keep your client from assuming you are yet another unreliable business.  
  3. Educate your staff on expectations. Not everyone understands the premise of operating from integrity. Also, they may not know how because no one ever taught them. Teach them well so they are extensions of your passion, commitment and mission to excellence.  
  4. Over deliver. Nothing comes as more of a surprise as a free gift enclosed, a handwritten thank you note, an early delivery, a free article or comped rush charges. Make it your goal to exceed the expectations of your customers. Always give them more, not less. It’s no big deal to give as much as is expected. It is a grand act to operate your business by consistently giving people more.  
  5. Return calls and emails as quickly as possible. So often we must manage our outsourced tasks, which just becomes another job. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need more to do. 

As clients and customers ourselves, we can be easily reassured that our job/order is in the queue and is scheduled for on-time delivery. Many times we just want reassurance. Give your clients the same. Don’t make THEM work to deliver what YOU promised. Respond! It’s so easy to stand out from the masses. Deliver on time, every time and keep your promises. Do it with a sincere heart-smile and gratitude. This cultivates devoted customers for life.  

This article was inspired by Sharon and Adam Sayler at impressionengineers.com. Thank you for making a first impression on me never to be forgotten. You are a true inspiration to the entrepreneurial spirit operating from the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  When I find the best, I stay with it. From this point, it’s exclusively Impression Engineers for me.

Charlon Bobo is the founder and team leader of EditCopyProof | Wordsmithing and Editing Solutions — Transforming Words Into Profits.

Charlon Bobo is the founder and team leader of EditCopyProof | Wordsmithing and Editing Solutions — Transforming Words Into Profits.

Thank you Charlon, it is a pleasure to help your company grow!

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