Makeover Portfolio

As promised here are some recent examples of clients we have worked with. Each project is unique and requires special considerations but they all are based on our simple to use WordPress content management system and custom plugins we have developed.

The Veggie Queen – Jill Nussinow

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The Veggie Queen was looking for an updated web site design that would allow them to easily manage their content on their own.  We were able to combine there separate blogging system into their website and made it all easy to use while updating the look and feel to a more fashionable design.

The First Million Club

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The First Million Club was looking for a way to manage their fast growing membership website and online training video.  We were able to integrate our complete web site management solution, member forum, video and audio recording distribution system, member support ticket system and many more features to make the end user experience as easy as possible.

Art of Safety Makeover

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The Art of Safety was looking to promote their lives events more so we took some clips from their recent training and added them to the website.  We also focused the main message of the site through prominent testimonials and rearrangement of the products offered on the home page.  This site also included a new member forum and private social network for members through the SocialGo system.

Mt Tabor Realty Makeover

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Mt Tabor Realty is a Portland, OR real estate agency that wanted to maintain the same functionality but wanted the ease of use of our content management system and an updated look that more resembled their updated corporate image.

Executive Property Management Makeover

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Executive Property Mangement wanted to develop a new online look and feel for their site. We also help maintain a custom, easy to use property listing database.

Qorvus Systems Makeover

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Qorvus Systems was impressed by the ease of use that the content management system provided and was also looking to upgrade their client interface with a more updated look and some advanced functionality including custom Google Map intergrations


The Realty Network Makeover

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The Realty Network wanted to move to a community blog system that engages their community of clients and provides relevant resources for people looking to buy or sell a home in the market they serve.  They also included a system that allows their agents to have their very own websites on the same system and link them in real time to the main site.


Other Development Projects

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This is a collection of recent projects we have done for other clients.