Leadership, Motivation and Communications Trainings

 We currently offer keynotes, 2-hour, a 4-hour and full day trainings.

"Inspiring the Workplace."

Great leadership starts with effective communication—communication that not only educates, but inspires employees to achieve. Influential and persuasive communication is vital in business and life today. 

—     Break the invisible barrier to discover what matters to them and the company.

—     Avoid the poison of criticism and apply the potential of compliments.

—     Make sure loyalty doesn’t stop at the end of the shift.

—     Effectively use the power of suggesting instead of demanding.


"Desk Rage: Courage Under Fire."

It is what to do (and not do), when to do it and how to save yourself when handling volatile people and information.
The key strategies provided in Courage Under Fire are:
—   How to advocate your point of view without harming your relationships

—   How to spot when things are getting emotional and then make it safe again to continue meaningful dialogue

—   How to listen and really understand others’ point of view

—   How to define a mutual intent that will inspire action


"Transformational Leadership"

Be 93% more effective in your communication. How to see, hear and deliver the 93% of communication that is non-verbal
—   Learn to build safety and trust without saying a word

—   Manage the behavior not the person

—   Intention isn’t the same as effect: It wasn’t what you said, but how you said it

—   Understanding the difference between power and influence

We offer each client custom workshops based on specific needs and targets.
It works best to have a short meeting in the days before the workshop to understand the dynamics, goals and needs of each group so we can specifically address the outcomes in the custom workbooks we develop for each training.


Our teleseminars are:

Conducting an effective phone meeting or conference call

Conducting an effective meeting or presentation

Secrets of great web and blog sites

Why Google Analytics are necessary

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