It was almost a straight vertical drop!

Targeting your customers through "market segmentation" or "selective marketing" is very effective, if done properly.  Unlike mass-market advertising, selective marketing copy is written directly to a specific audience.

Recently, we were asked to write an ad. They sent us the one they had made themselves — it had not performed as expected. The minute we got it, we knew why it did not perform and we were not even part of the market the ad was aimed at.

First rule of writing an ad is to make sure it is written to the target audience. What appeals to them? Humor? Details?  Advice?

But that is really not what I set out to write about today. My son just got home from a business trip to Las Vegas. He mentioned that a Water Park we had good memories of, had closed. We reminisced about the good times we had together there and the biggest slide we had ever seen in our lives, wet or dry. This slide was several stories tall!

It was named the Bomb Bay Speed Slide (named such, for a very good reason), it was almost a straight vertical drop…

It was so high it didn’t appeal to me at all. I knew I would not have the courage to make it to the top, so I sent my boys—what are kids for any way…?

As they stood atop the slide, I could feel the fear rising inside me… what had I just convinced my kids to do? Especially, when it was something I did not have the courage to do myself…

It can be hard to know what appeals to your audience, especially if you write your own ads…

Step back and look at it from your customers' eyes. Is it telling them what they want to know? Start with a compelling headline, and give them a reason to read further.

Metaphors or stories are a great way to relate to the reader. People enjoy reading compelling stories. By telling a short story you create a bond with the reader.

A good story is just like that Bomb Bay Speed Slide. When they jump on at the top (your headline) — it should take them on a fun and fast ride to the end (the order). No bumps or bruises along the way… make sure there is no reason to stop until they get to your call to action.

That was an amazing day. Here it is 7 years later, and my son still mentioned that ride, and that great, inspiring day, from so long ago.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,

To Success! To Life

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