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Last week, we talked about a solution for what to do when asked for free product or services. (If you missed it, check the blog.)  Today, let’s look at the other “freebie”—the irresistible offer to attract attention. Let your customer “test-drive” before they buy…

Part of quality customer sales and service is making sure your product or service is a good fit. Have you ever taken a car for a test drive? Did that test drive influence your buying decision?  If your target market typically wants to try before they buy—test drives, samples, and trial offers—are some of the best marketing money you can spend.  Giving out an irresistible trial offer shows that you believe in your product. Make it part of your marketing budget. It is easy to budget the cost by placing a time or quantity limit. A “free offer” is not a stand-alone offer. It must be part of a carefully planned sales follow-up system for later contact and buying opportunities.

What makes an offer irresistible?

Most of us know the idea behind any "free trail" or "product give-away" is to generate leads. The "reward" must be something they want–a hot dog and pony ride will, most likely, not entice a person to buy a sports car…and the perceived gain/value must far outweigh the difficulty of getting the “test drive.”  It also lowers return rate and generates long-term customer loyalty.

As you ask for information in return for your irresistible offer, be aware, they may be thinking, is this a scam? Collect enough information to contact them again, but not so much as to scare them away. Just like a first date, go slow as you build the relationship.  If you believe your product is the best, show them, so they can believe it to.

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