If you don’t love your website, who will?

Your website represents you. Build something to be proud of.
Simple ways to improve your site:

  1. Update all contact information. (Check all communications, e.g., website, e-mails, business cards, brochures.)
  2. Review your site for out-of-date or incorrect information.
  3. Test new headlines, copy and offers.
  4. Check your traffic and statistics.
  5. Address site usability. Make it easy to navigate.
  6. De-clutter your site. Content is good, clutter is not.
  7. Keep the message clear and simple. Quality copy counts.
  8. Create a site map.
  9. Most important offer useful content.

As the Internet becomes an increasingly fundamental part of the economy, it is critical to your business’ success to keep improving and refining your site.

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