Group Dynamics

A big part of why I become a trainer is I love to inspire, motivate, and encourage people! Yet as you know, if you have ever had to manage or coach people, sometimes, we need to give feedback and possibly even manage a behavior.

Observing someone’s behavior, coaching them and giving feedback can feel rough, tough or scary (it certainly doesn’t need to be). And contrary to common mythology, giving “constructive criticism” is not constructive. It rarely motivates change, especially long-term change. What motivates people is specific behavioral feedback, and yes, they are craving specific feedback that educates them on how their behaviors effect other people.

Your success as a leader, teacher, manager, team member, coach, etcetera will ultimately be about what you do and how you inspire, motivate, and encourage people. So the question becomes how to do it successfully each and every time?

Michael Grinder’s Group Wizardry June 22-25, 2009

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