Here are 3 key questions to ask your self before going into business.

As a business coach, these days I’m often asked; “I just got laid-off, should I go into business for myself?”
It’s an interesting question because it involves more than being good at what you do. Technical skills do not a business make…I love the analogy a friend that owns a restaurant uses,  “Just because they can boil water, doesn’t mean they can run a restaurant."
Here are 3 key questions to ask your self before going into business.

  1. Can I deliver results? This is more then a technical question, this is a question about, can you keep commitments – on time and on budget?
  2. Am I truly proactive?  Success takes action. Will I go outside my comfort zone? (If you dislike cold calling, complaints and the occasional crisis… then you might want to rethink going into business for yourself.) Business success takes plenty of marketing. It is the rare business that wins on the concept of "If I build it, they will come…."
  3. Do I have enough in reserve? Know that it will take a bit of time to get known in the world… Stay focused and committed to your vision.

Starting your own business is not for dabblers. It will get tough at times. Only your vision and commitment to being the best will keep you slogging ahead. Keep it simple, it’s too easy to build in complexity. Focus on the vision, plan the steps to get your vision, take action.

As a certified Book Yourself Solid coach I can help you clarify your vision and plan those steps to get you booked solid. I host the BlogTalkRadio show called Beyond Lip Service. We focus on taking action in your life. Listen in Tuesdays at Ten (Pacific)
Be Bold! Be who you were born to be!

Let’s talk about how I can be of service to you. Do you need a teleseminar guest to spark new life into your list or maybe you want to personally be booked solid.

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