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My good friend, Gary Phillips got some great news this week! His book has been released…

It’s called, The Art of Safety. Don’t be misled by the title though. It’s true, Gary’s background is in optimal safety performance for major corporations, however, in this book, Gary has seamlessly blended advanced communication concepts into the world of corporate leadership, personnel management and his passion for occupational safety—an absolute treasure trove of practical tools for every business leader.

I was lucky enough to read the manuscript and even back then I told Gary, this was a needed manual on corporate communication and leadership.  I told him I’d do him a favor and help spread the word. Why? Well, because his first book is simply ground-breaking and filled with immediately useful information.

Here’s a link to grab it —

By the way, this is not an affiliate promotion (not that there’s anything wrong with those). I just want you to know I don’t make a penny off of letting you know about this book. I truly believe it benefits you to own it, read it, and practice it.

And I’m not alone in knowing this book is immediately useful.

“I had an opportunity to read this book and found it immediately helpful. I was able to utilize the concepts to help me understand and resolve an issue in our workplace totally unrelated to a safety issue. Although aimed at safety the material, concepts and exercises are universal in nature and transferable to a wide variety of operational and organizational initiatives. It may be the Safety component that initially attracts you to this book, but you will find yourself employing these concepts in a variety of work and life situations.”
—Robert Gordon, Director of Court Operations, Ministry of the Attorney

“Would that I had Gary’s book years ago. Many health and safety meetings I attended over the years would have been shorter, more effective, and, in fact, enjoyable. This guidebook could have spared me many hours of frustration.”
—William Baarschers, Ph.D., Lakehead University

There really is no book out there quite like it. Let me know your thoughts when you sink your teeth into it—at my blog –

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