Formula for Successful Sales

Here’s a easy-to-use formula for a successful sale.

Decide what you need / want.

+ [Determine what your customer wants + one]

Results: Win/Win sales situation

It may appear simple on the surface but sometimes just deciding…

Decide what you want

This can be a stumbling block for some people, but in order to get what you want or need from a sale you must first decide what you want. As you decide what you want, make sure it is measurable. Know your bottom-line of what you want–your bottom-line can even include whom you are willing to work with or for.

Specifically, what do you want and when do you want it by?

Desired outcome + [Where + When + How Much] = What you want

What you want + How = Objective

Now that you know what you want, determine what your customer wants.

Determine what your customer wants + one

The first step in delivering a successful sales experience is to find out what features your customers value, what benefits they desire, and what their underlying needs might be. Then match, or ideally, go one step beyond (+ one) to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Successful businesses appear to spontaneously fill customer needs and offer desired services, but they are actually carefully planned and executed. If you make it a priority to deliver what they need with results-oriented service your success rate will go up dramatically.

Results: You’ll then get more of what you want.


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Our business is doing well because of our commitment to doing things well. We are not just saying that, we say that we are good at what we do because others have told us so.

Thank you for your powerful insights and your amazing ability to zero in and focus on the core aspects of what needs to be done.

Because of your expert help and guidance, my business is skyrocketing and our only challenge is in keeping up! We now have the confidence we need to go international!

Thank you for your continued help and support – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Rich Aydelott – Founder of the Amazing Life Institute

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,
To Success! To Life!


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