Formula for Successful Sales

I’ve written about the Formula for Successful Sales before, however upon further use and reflection it’s time to update…

Here’s an easy-to-use formula for a successful sale, I still hold it true however, I am adding an additional insight that some of you may go duh…

+ Decide what you need / want
+_ Determine what your customer needs/wants + one
(The + one being the theory of under-promise and over-deliver.)
Results: Win/Win Sales Situation (right?)

 It may appear simple on the surface but…

The Under-promise and Over-deliver Dilemma

I used to be a strong proponent of under-promise and over-deliver, however looking back on experiences; I need to qualify that old sales adage.
Let’s think this through…You make a sale (service or product, it doesn’t really matter) and you do a great job of under-promised and over-delivered, say, you gave them a bonus or got it to them early or under-budget… But what actually happened?
You’ve raised your bar. Yes, you got a job well done, a happy customer and maybe even an “Atta-boy/girl.”  But, your customer now expects the new level of service. So, to under-promise and over-deliver again, you must work ABOVE the new expected level of quality, price, service, time-line and professionalism. This may be sustainable for a few sales, but at some point, it is impossible to continue to over-deliver.  Your customer is no longer easily impressed – it is now just your “norm” and it becomes your client’s expectation.

You’ve taught your client that you can do continue to do it faster, cheaper, better or with bonuses. Let’s just to the very best we can, at the very best (yet fair to us) price we can, when we say we can… the successful sales cycle is about making and honoring commitments, not faster, cheaper etc.…until we’ve given away the store.  The purpose of a customer is not to get a sale, the purpose is a sale is to get a customer to build a fair and balanced relationship for both you and your customer.

Have a great day whatever your adventure.

To Success! To Life!


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