Fearless Public Speaking with Donn Rochlin

E=MC2 — it’s all relative.

Sometimes it just takes a little help to overcome the fear of speaking in public. It’s all relative. It’s all about energy and connecting with your audience.

Surveys show that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear in the US. Fear takes a lot of energy.  When people learn to redirect the energy placed into fear public speaking comes naturally and easily.

If the energy used in fear is redirected towards a meaningful connection with your audience, then real magic happens. Once that meaning connection is established, relationships build and people want to hear what you have to say.

“So many people have interesting things to say, but can’t overcome the fear. It’s sad”, says Donn Rochlin, Master Trainer of Group Presentations. “Once someone knows how they can simply and easily use their perceived weaknesses as strengths, they are on the road to success”.
Donn’s E=MC2 theory is Energy = Meaningful Connection times 2
In his training, you learn:
1. The positive use of humor (It’s not telling jokes)
2. The power of metaphor (And the skills to create metaphors)
3. The influence of the defining moment
4. The force of music and rhythm
5. Templates for speaking success

Since 1995 and in over 56 cities, Donn has been teaching others to overcome fears and start a new career in the “Edutainment” field. 
Speaker, trainer and musician, Donn Rochlin is an outspoken and totally irreverent instructor who teaches others how to lead outrageously successful lives. His high-energy style and humor keeps the training at a fast and fun pace. If you are finally ready to overcome that #1 fear forever, now is the time.  Questions? To find out more about how these powerful skills can help you achieve what you may have once thought impossible call him at (503) 539-9153.


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