Ideas to Encourage Comments of Your Blog

We recently set up a new blog for a client. She just emailed me with a good question that I thought others might like to know my thoughts on the question…

Q: Hi Sharon,   How does one encourage and get people to comment on a blog?  Thanks.

A: Good question, I’m sure there are many ways, here are the ways I know, first others need to know you are posting, it takes awhile when blogs are new to get recognized. 

  1. Tweet, post on facebook etc a short phrase and a "tinyurl" link to it.
  2. Send the post or a summary of the post out via email to your list and invite comments
  3. Respond to comments on the blog to keep the conversation going and even send them an email if you think they would add to upcoming posts and discussions.
  4. Consider commenting on others blogs with a reference back to a similar post on your site or at least your name and blog url.
  5. Ask a question at the end of your post? Ask if they feel the same way, have more suggestions in the area or what’s working for them.
  6. Be informative, controversial or transparent. The post I did about my dog’s death was the most commented on in a long time.
  7. Have something about it on your email signature line.  I have Check out our blog, you might like the latest entry–
  8. Use the back of your business card to list your blog site and theme of your blog.

In fact, I’m going to post this response on my blog as others on my list might like to know, I will as for their ideas…

So guys, what ways have you found that encourage dialogue?


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