Shhhhh! The secret is… to do business like a man with the style of a woman.

Hey Girlfriend,

Another little secret is that today you have just the blink of an eye to make the sale. With all the new technology and information, buyers have the attention span of a goldfish these days. So, it’s all in the impression you give, especially the first impression!

Impression Engineers Business Success for Women: Get Booked Solid is about doing business like a man—getting booked solid or more customers than you an handle using the ultimate fusion of trust and credibility building and the simplicity of 7 simple, yet powerful self-promotion strategies –yet, do it like a woman—with style. Once we started using this system in our own business and we saw the results we were getting I became one of only 25 international certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches for Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid System.

If a mom can do it, so can you… I started this business from scratch in the early ’90s, now, Impression Engineers is a successful Integrated Marketing business owned by me (a mom) and my sons.

Speaking of moms, Mom always taught me to be modest, be quiet, and don’t attract too much attention. Wrong! In the spirit of helping you understand, I’m going to be as blunt as an old grandma with you.


Many of you, for some reason, don’t sell yourself. "Selling yourself" are not bad words. No… it’s certainly doesn’t have the meaning that mom warned you about! Face it—you have to toot your own horn before anybody else knows your horn exists. How will they know how great you are if you don’t tell them—and tell them in a way that gets above all the chatter that is out there now. 

Worse then not selling your self to others is that many of you haven’t really sold yourself on “you” — on really knowing that no matter where you are in the business cycle, you are a successful business woman”.  Let’s face it, the reality is, if you’re a business owner, you’re already selling yourself… Shouldn’t your marketing sell you and your company too?

Impression Engineers Success for Woman in Business and Book Yourself Solid Coaching blends our online and offline Sales and Marketing Skills with years of mentoring others to give you all the tools you need to permanently change how you do business. Added all up our “Engineers” have "triple digit" years of experience (no woman every admits their age) in a variety of fields, from technical to marketing to managing small and mid-size businesses.  We have several other businesses we also currently own and operate all at the same time. It can be done. You just need to know how to START. Let me walk with you side-by-side as you develop your company success strategy.

Business can make you feel like that gal on stage spinning all the plates… with them going this direction or that… maybe even a hula hoop around your waist, and a baby on your hip. It can be very scary and overwhelming to be in business for your self. You may have started your own biz because you wanted fulfillment, flexibility, and freedom… and you knew you could help people. You’re talented and you work hard. But you may have found out it’s harder than it looks.  Look, I don’t blame women for feeling this way. In fact, I have felt this way many times in the past.

First, it’s not your fault… that you haven’t figured out how business works. For a long time, women just didn’t do it. You know your product or service, but when it comes to building your business…the real business you have no real working plan for how to get going.

With Impression Engineers Book Yourself Solid 1-to-1 Coaching we can have you laser focused in a short period of time.

We know at first it can feel uncomfortable to sell your self.

• It can hard to know what to say about yourself and your business

• It can be hard to know to how to say it, the kind that makes people want to listen.

• It’s can even be hard to really know what business you are in.

But it’s really much easier than you think. It’s a learned skill just like everything we have learned in life.

Imagine yourself six months from now….

…Knowing who your perfect customer is so that you know where to find them

…Knowing what’s working in your marketing and what’s not

…Knowing how much to spend and on what

…Knowing how to develop a relationship with each customer…


Sharon, I want to be Booked Solid too. Let’s get started on my success today. What’s my next step?

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Sharon Sayler is a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach personally trained by Michael Port.

She is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid system, created by Michael Port, based on his mega best selling book, Book Yourself Solid.


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