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  • A full chapter from the national bestselling book titled Book Yourself Solid so you can see firsthand how to fill your calendar with ideal clients.
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  • A 31-minute downloadable audio recording walking you through how to develop your Personal Brand identity. 
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Impression Engineers is strong believer in the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule, or the rule of the vital few and the trivial many.  In any activity, just a small group of factors is responsible for the lion’s share of success. 

For example…

     Just 20% of the salespeople earn 80% of the commissions. 

     20% of the authors sell 80% of the books.

     20% of your daily activities generate 80% of your success and income. 

     And so on.

This certainly applies to the factors governing your business and marketing success.  

As a result, you don’t need to master scores of rules and learn hundreds of secrets. Just a few–the right few–will bring you phenomenal success.  You can begin to see results long before the end of the 15 weeks. The Book Yourself Solid System is the fastest, easiest and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle even if you hate marketing and selling.


  1. The Red Velvet Rope Policy: When you work with your ideal client you are energized and inspired to do your best work.
  2. Why People Buy What You are Selling: Understanding why people buy.
  3. Develop a Personal Brand Identity: You get to decide how you want to show up in the world.
  4. How to Talk About What You Do: Have the Book Yourself Solid conversation— easy, comfortable and effective — all without selling. 


  1. Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You? Learn the techniques to attract those you are meant to serve.
  2. The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process: With the Six Keys to Creating Connection develop your own Book Yourself Solid Cycle.
  3. The Power of Information Products: Add to your credibility and likability with easy additions to  your BYS Sales Cycle. There’s a bonus too — passive income.
  4. Super Simple Selling: The Book Yourself Solid "selling" process is comfortable, authentic, and effective.


  1. The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy: Share your knowledge, your network and your compassion.
  2. The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy: Dramatically increase your effectiveness working with others through  joint ventures and strategic partners.
  3. The Book Yourself Solid Referral Strategy: Build relationships before you need something.
  4. The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy
  5. The Book Yourself Solid Speaking and Demonstrating Strategy
  6. The Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy
  7. The Book Yourself Solid Keep-in Touch Strategy: The keep in touch strategy is the most important strategy of all and the easiest to do with the automated, affordable, Keep In Touch Best Impressions Cards from Send Out Cards.

If you set a solid foundation for your business, build trust and credibility within your marketplace, and use the seven core self-promotion strategies, you’ll be booked solid in no time.

What are my Book Yourself Solid options?

Book Yourself Solid Self-Coaching

This interactive coaching program allows you to move through the work at your own speed.

Book Yourself Solid Self-Coaching plus personal E-mail Support from Sharon Sayler

Gives you access to my knowledge, my resources and my personal interaction via email.

One 45-minute Laser Coaching Session with Sharon Sayler

Coaching Sessions are perfect for fine-tuning and inspiration.

Private 15-Week Book Yourself Solid Program

Monthly Private Business Coaching Programs with Sharon Sayler Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach. Ongoing monthly business coaching sessions offering guidance and support to keep you moving toward your business goals.

We allow five months to complete the entire program, providing flexibility for you to attend to business and personal matters. You’re welcome to continue with the program beyond 15 weeks at an affordable monthly cost.

Full-Day In-Person Coaching

Do you need to focus on a specific business problem or develop a big picture strategy? Spend a full day with Sharon Sayler focusing on your strategy to create a smarter marketing plan that will get you booked solid. Full-day sessions with Sharon Sayler, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach based in the Northwest US

Know that you are not alone in this. We are here to guide you through the steps to getting Booked Solid. Ready to get started? Let’s do it.


 Sharon Sayler is a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach personally trained by Michael Port.

She is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid system, created by Michael Port, based on his mega best selling book, Book Yourself Solid.


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