Choose your business and life

We just got some amazing news here at Impression Engineers and wanted to share it with you, as you have all been so supportive and encouraging as we take our message of “Choose your business and life,” to a larger audience. 

I will be a guest along with Megan McKenzie on this Friday, October 31st at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern.) It is a Q and A format and we will stream live, so nothing like jumping into radio both feet first!

If you would like to listen in, or even call in and put me or the other panelists on the hotseat, this Friday is your time.  To listen in, go to When the show is live, there is a flashing, orange “Click to Listen” button. Just turn up your speakers!

If you want to ask a question or comment via live chat or call in, it will be necessary to sign-in to Blog Talk Radio. It is easy and free to join. On the home page of in the top-middle above the Nav bar is the small link to register. 

If you can’t be there live and grill me Friday, the show is made into a podcast feed that will allow you to listen when it works for you.

Thanks again for all your support and good thoughts as we share with others the abundance we all have to offer each other. Talk to you again at our same time, same channel this Thursday.

Enjoy the adventure
To Success! To Life!

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