Blackberries not just for breakfast anymore

I admit it. I'm addicted. I first noticed how bad my addiction was in Missouri, two weeks ago. Then, last night… the urge was so strong, the guilt so painful that I realized I might need some good old-fashioned withdrawal therapy…

I know I'm as guilty as most (if not more). I carry my Blackberry (and sometimes my laptop with my Blackberry) everywhere. I was even one of those "talking-heads" with the "borg-looking" headset (until my dog ate it).  I think he was trying to tell me something. Anyway, that should have been my first clue. The second clue should have been the freeing moment I felt when I did not have to strap "that" to my ear every morning…

Last night though was the defining moment. I left "it" at home while I went to dinner with my kids and their friends. I didn’t intend to leave it at home… it just happened in my rush to get out the door on time.

The instant I got home I picked up the "addiction," and noticed 5 missed calls and a half-dozen emails… it surprised me the "guilt" I felt—I had been out of touch, (and I'm old enough to remember life before voicemail)…

What did we do before anyone could find us at anytime?

Have you noticed that you can't even walk down the street these days without hearing people "talking to themselves"? It seems we are more connected than ever—cell phones, laptops, and wireless connections everywhere… but are we really any closer to each other?

The fun and pure joy of the good food and good conversation with family and friends last night convinced me it’s time to leave "it" at the office (or at least on occasion—I know, I’m not ready for "cold-turkey" withdrawal yet).

Remember when blackberries were just a delicious summer-time treat. Imagine the real connections we might make over a warm bowl of blackberry cobbler and ice cream…

Enjoy the last few days of summer with that which matters most—family and friends and we will get down to more business-stuff later…

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,

To success! To Life


p.s. I've survived my withdrawal so far, it's good to be out of touch on occasion. I just finished reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. It's a fast read, a little superficial, but good. I had to laugh though in Chapter 7, he recommends being selectively out of touch. Some of what he recommends I had just started:

1. I've turned off the "Pavlov bell" on my email (I only check it 3 times a day now and working my way down to one time.)

2. I am more willing to let my calls go to voice mail. I find I get so much more done without the distractions of stopping and starting.

p.p.s. I have resisted the iPhone, being a life-long Mac'er I just know that would overtake me instantly—just playing with them at the Apple store an hour vanished like magic…pretty cool though.

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