Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics is a  very powerful market analysis tool. It’s a lot of info about your website — best of all it’s free…

Impression Engineers latest White Paper – a step by step guide to setup your Google Analytics account

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for monitoring all aspects of your website’s traffic and activity. As powerful as it is, it can be used at all web and marketing skill levels for feedback and information.

You can track your website(s) even if you are not running an AdWords Campaign. It will track where visitors come from, visitor flow through your site, the source of referrals, and even track how well visitors make it through your conversion process such as a landing page to purchase or opt-in option. It can also track non-AdWords advertising such as banner ads and other pay-per-click programs.

What do I need Google Analytics for?

Google Analytics allows you to compare the behavior and profitability of visitors to all your URLs (sites). Google Analytics collects a wide variety of data about the user experience and demographics on your site, including how visitors found your site, what pages were most views and what countries they come from. You’ll be able to compare referrals from each of your ads, keywords, search engines, and emails. This can give you insight on how to improve your site. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, it can be organic searches, joint ventures, linked or other sites you own, AdWords, MSN Ads, Yahoo Ads etc. – Google Analytics tracks all forms of traffic, not just from Google, from search to sale.

Although the most useful part of Google Analytics is how it works with AdWords campaigns. Google Analytics can create valuable information that allows you to:

  • track advertising cost and value per visitor,
  • compare and test ads / data from multiple campaigns
  • test variations of your website content for maximum visitor conversions
  • share your data with other users,
  • track multiple sites in one account

It even can give data on a page-by-page basis. It tracks AdWords keyword and campaign conversion rates. Google Analytics automatically imports AdWords cost and data to track the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns, but one note… not your MSN, Yahoo or similar campaigns. I suppose you can’t ask for everything for free…

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Free plugin for WordPress users

For those people who have a WordPress blogging system we have made our Google Analytics Plugin available for download here.

A very detailed online tour is available.

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