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Use Google Alert

The Google Alert service helps you to retrieve information based on your chosen keywords.

You can set up alerts for news about your favorite topics, target market, even you own company name. (You can also set up Video alerts directly from within Google Video search.) Google alerts save you time because your results are automatically delivered to your inbox. If you have a Google Account go to: www.google.com/alerts  If you don’t yet have an account, visit the Google Accounts home page to create one. http://www.google.com/accounts

Simply visit the Google Alerts home page, enter your search, the type of alert you’d like (News, Web, Video etc.), how often you’d like Google to check for results, and your email address. When you’re done, click the ‘Create Alert’ button. They’ll send you a confirmation email; clicking the link in the email will activate your Alert. You can create and confirm your Alert in one visit on your "Manage Yours Alerts" page. To access this page, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Account.

Step 1 Go to the Google Alerts page. Enter the keyword(s) for the alert that you want to setup. Use words that are of interest to your target market, your area of expertise and even your company and your name (so you can follow what people are saying about you…;-))

Step 2 Select the type of Alert you want to receive. The comprehensive Alert retrieves news from blogs, news sources, Google Groups messages and websites.

Step 3 Choose how often Google will send the Alerts to you. Google can send your alerts as soon as it finds a match to your keyword, once daily or only once a week.

Step 4 Enter the email address that you will use for your Alerts. If you don’t have a Google email account, you will need to register for one.

Step 5 Click "Create Alert" when you are finished entering your keywords, choices of sources and frequency for messages.

Step 6 Review and revise your Alerts if you receive too much or too little information. Log in on the Google Accounts page. Choose "Manage Alerts" to see your saved Alerts. Delete alerts that you no longer need.

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