Life is a grand adventure.

Sorry this is a little late today, I have a good “excuse." Really I do. Today’s my birthday! Yup, that is the reason it is late. So, maybe you are going “big deal” but what has amazed me again this year is, my family and friends are the greatest! I’ve been to breakfast with friends, lunch with my sister, and tonight sushi with family and friends, and last night was a fun event… I had no idea the day would turn out like it did, it just happened. I need a whole year to recover now as this day draws to a close.

Well, about last night. Every year, for my birthday I challenge myself to a new adventure — one that I “normally” would not consider, last year it was pole dancing. I love it. It is an amazing workout.

Last night, ten of my gal friends gathered up their courage and we went to the Pilates and pole studio. We had a great time. Those brave gals did great. Some had anxiety about it but all took that leap of faith and were open to new adventures.

You have the power to Be. Seize it.

Most of us have a “hallelujah chorus” in our heads chanting to us constantly, telling us how to feel, what to believe, what to do and not do. Only you have the choice to silence the mind chatter. Change or stay the same, it’s up to you — even not making a choice is a choice. At times, it can feel like bold steps to release the hold this chorus has on our thoughts and feelings.

Now, I know pole dancing isn’t one of those “save the world” passions. It is something I enjoy, and like in all life you just never know what you will learn. This birthday, I want to thank all of you for your trust in me, including those ten bold women. I watched in amazement as they showed their courage to learn. It is more complicated than it looks. As I close, this is my Ah-Ha moment from last night:

“First figure out where and how you are going to land—then jump.” Lori, the studio owner said, as she taught those 10 brave ladies.

That holds true for most areas of life doesn’t it? I once again make the commitment to be open to learning. You never know what you will learn hanging onto a pole for dear life….

This year’s adventure is rock climbing, who knows what I will learn. I already know I hate heights…

Have a great day in whatever your adventure.

To Life! To Success!

p.s. I have a little birthday gift for all of you. Our latest White Paper is on Google Analytics 101. I hope you enjoy it and start using all the free market awareness tools Google offers.

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