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Getting and Using Great Testimonials.

Now, we're not lawyers and we don't even play one online, but here at Impression Engineers we are committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest in online marketing. Well, the "BIG BOYS" aka the FTC have some new "guidelines" that took effect in December (2009) and they are "confusing" at best.
If you use testimonials or endorsements in any way in your business… then these new FTC rules may apply to you.
We have a great report on using testimonials that I just updated with how I understand the guidelines to work (remember, this isn't legal advice nor is the report legal advice.)  And PLEASE read all the new FTC guidelines yourself on the FTC website

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p.s. The FTC has new "guidelines" if you sell your products through affiliates or you sell other people's products as an affiliate, too. Our latest report doesn't address affiliates, if you need help complying for your affiliates or affiliate products please contact us