Hi. I am thrilled that our paths have crossed. There really are no coincidences in life…it will be fun as we understand what our life purposes are… Discover a fulfilling, prosperous, charitable, passion-filled life. Impression Engineers and the Live Passionately Society has created lots of resources to help you do just that!

First consider our First Class Fast Class! A free once a month conversation with Sharon, author of “Life’s Short. Live Passionately.” and coach for those seeking a more passion-filled, purpose-filled life path.

Turn this  midday break into tomorrow’s success.

Grab a cup of coffee and a seat for a half-hour-long midday break packed with information and inspiration. Sharon launches this new concept this fall – The First Class Fast Class — a 30-minute mid-week, mid-day tele-talk addressing relevant, timely topics that can enrich your personal and professional life.

Each First Class Fast Class features 10 minutes of a top 10 (or so) thoughts about a timely topic, then she open’s the session learn from all those present and to Q&A.

Fun strategies and conversation to enhance the way you work, live and relate. Best of all your investment is zip, nada, zero… because we want everyone to get an opportunity to experience these fast, yet powerful events with Sharon! All you have to do is register now for the next “The First Class Fast Class” tele-talk.

The First Class Fast Class tele-talk is for those who are ready to take not only their business and work to the next level but  personal life and relationships.

What is a tele-talk?
A tele-talk is a lively open conversation sponsored by Impression Engineers and the Live Passionately Society offered by phone. Sharon will introduce a timely topic and then open the lines for anyone from anywhere in the world to participate. (You may incur regular long distance charges, just as if you were making any other call.)

How does it work?
 Just register for the tele-talk below and you will receive a detailed email from Sharon at Impression Engineers giving you the number to dial on the first Wednesday of every month, as well as an access code to be connecting to the class. It will work like a conference call.

** Bonus when you register for First Class Fast Class tele-talk, you get our newsletters and free resources from both Impression Engineers and Live Passionately Society. Best Impressions is bi-weekly on Thursdays and Beyond Lip Service from the Live Passionately Society will be coming to you every other Thursday. Both are constant wellsprings of updated information on life, business and relationship strategies, including how to have a life as a small business owner…Her weekly e-newsletters inspires subscribers from all over the world.