How much notice do you need to get my project done?

Each request is assigned a service order number and we will process your requests in the order they are received.  Since we provide services for many different clients we typically need 2-3 business days to deliver your requested changes.

Priority Support

If you are in need of changes sooner then the normal project delivery time, our priority service is available and has a same-business day delivery time.  However all fees are time and a half for that service ticket.

What types of services do these rates cover?

If your project was not quoted on an individual basis the following rate structure applies. These rates apply but are not limited to:

  • setup of new shopping cart products
  • event management
  • web page HTML coding
  • online marketing consulting
  • email autoresponder and newsletter management
  • search engine optimization
  • pay per click advertising management
  • audio editing
  • video editing
  • affiliate system management
  • 3rd party shopping cart system management including 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft, Shopigniter, Shopify, Volution
  • database management and development
  • social media management such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Tutorial development and staff training

Maintenance Contracts Details

  1. in exchange for a reduced rate for our services the client agrees to a minimum monthly charge during that month.
  2. the maintenance contract automatically renews every 30 days unless canceled in writing
  3. if there are service tickets during the given month and the minimum hours are not used during that month we will still charge the  monthly minimum charge agreed.
  4. if you go over the agreed hours we will continue to bill at that effective rate for all additional hours.
  5. hours are billed in ¼ hour increments

Monthly Maintenance Fee Schedule

Minimum Billable Time

Effective Rate

Priority Rate

Minimum Charge

Pay-as-you go




1 hour




2 hour special

 $85/hr after first 2



10+ hours




Minimum update charge is 1/4 hour